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Opposites attract – Eclectus Parrot

Opposites attract – Eclectus Parrot

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My daughter has been begging me to paint an Eclectus parrot. She follows Eclectus accounts on Tiktok and is slightly obsessed by them. But you can't just paint one. They come as a complementary set, with "extreme sexual dimorphism" – the males are always green and the females are always red. They are found at the north-eastern tip of Australia and are followers of the doctrine of "free love" when it comes to finding partners.
I do have a predilection for Thonet bentwood chairs and so, apparently, do these birds who have chosen to sit on a Thonet Number 22, circa 1887-1910.
The wallpaper is a design by the UK's Charlotte Horne Spiers 1844-1914, who trained at Minton & Co as a pottery artist and then set up her own business as an art pottery painter. I have used a Gamblin gold oil paint for the pattern.

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