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Fiona Smith Art & Writing

The Velvet Prince limited edition fine art print

The Velvet Prince limited edition fine art print

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I’ve been painting magpies for the past few years and I have had plenty of time to devise theories on why they are our favourite birds. I believe it is because they are ubiquitous. Just about every household in Australia can befriend a clutch of maggies and interact with them as an extension of our own families. Magpies have also adapted to live alongside humans. They recognise our faces, they sing for us, they play with us, and we form bonds of trust.

They are wonderful to paint. Their bodies are long and elegant. Their dark feathers throw off coloured light and their simple plumage means I can place them in patterned and colourful environments. My aim with portraying these birds is to create the painting as an object of beauty, present the birds with personality, and set them against patterns and designs that I admire. I also enjoy working with colour harmony.
This particular magpie is one of a gang of around 20 that live among the shops in Sydney’s Crows Nest. Young magpies, kicked out of the nest by their parents, congregate in gangs until they can find territory of their own. The design behind him is based on the fabric found in a 1745 English court dress (now in the Victoria & Albert Museum).

The bird has alighted on a footstool, created by US fashion designer Kenneth D King. The stool was sold from Elton John’s Old Windsor Estate in 1988 when he was “refreshing” his collecting habit.

Only 25 of these unframed museum quality Giclee Prints will be offered in each size:

  •  Medium 60 x 40 cm image size plus a 5cm border - $310
  • Small 30 x 20 cm plus a 3cm border -  $175

Shipping within Australia is free.

Printed in Australia, using expanded gamut archival vivid pigment inks and acid free archival 310 gsm artist cotton paper, these Giclee reproductions are incredibly true to the original artworks and are eminently collectable.

 Each print is hand numbered and embossed.

Please allow 10-14 days for delivery of your limited edition print order. Your print is carefully and professionally packaged and sealed in a tube with tissue paper for safe shipping.

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